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About Us

Mission Statement

To create a social experience, in which, individuals participate, share, and express themselves artistically; ultimately leaving the individual, group, and community inspired to perpetuate their own artistic expression!
Ulysses Mireles, owner

Ulysses Mireles, Owner

About the Business

Van Gogh and Merlot was created out of a soul driven to become rich with art and self-expression. This idea started when owner, Ulysses Mireles, moved from San Antonio, TX to the Spokane area. He felt that as a whole Spokane could benefit from increasing the availability of art in the area and help uncover much of the local talent.

Van Gogh and Merlot is a similar concept to that of other cities such as Seattle, Portland, Austin, and San Antonio to name a few. The idea is simple. "Learn to paint while you enjoy a drink." This opens up the possibility of the every day person, regardless of talent or ability, being able to create a piece of art.

"I believe that there is this stigma about art…Many people feel that they are not talented enough, do not understand art enough, or are unable to create anything because art is reserved for the lucky few that have the gift. I also believe that if you are human, then you are capable of feelings, emotions, and self-expression…and if you have those, then you can in some form or fashion let the world know what needs to be expressed in that moment in time…that is what art means to me."

By bringing something like Van Gogh and Merlot to Spokane, participants can engage in an event that allows them to dabble in what is unfamiliar for many. Nine times out of ten, the end result is a happy individual that has just created a painting. Although not required, the drinks definitely help alleviate the anxiety of trying something new. But, as many people already know, wine can go hand-in-hand with art.

The format of the class is a simple demonstration followed by the participants completing that section of the painting until the painting is finished. Suggestions about what brush, paint quantity, color, etc…are given to decrease the uncertainty but leaves you with enough room for interpretation. Classes are held in groups of 5-25-ish in a variety of settings. The cost of the class includes all of the materials needed to participate such as brushes, canvas, easels, paint, etc. The drinks and snacks are typically the participants' responsibility but may be included with the cost of the class depending on the special for that event.

"I look forward to sharing with you what I am truly passionate about…I guarantee that if you take one of these classes and trust me to teach you how to paint in this setting…then you will find that you will have a painting by the end of the class and have enjoyed yourself in the process."

~Ulysses Mireles

Owner of Van Gogh and Merlot