Juicebox Edition Parties

Juicebox Parties

Van Gogh and Merlot is happy to offer classes for ages 17 and under. The party is setup the same as our other private parties, but the atmosphere and picture selection are tailored to the age of the child.

The format of the class is a simple demonstration followed by the participants completing that section of the painting until the painting is finished. Suggestions about what brush, paint quantity, color, etc…are given to decrease the uncertainty but leaves you with enough room for interpretation. Classes are held in groups of 5-25+ in a variety of settings. The cost of the class includes all of the materials needed to participate such as brushes, canvas, easels, paint, etc. The drinks and snacks are typically the participants' responsibility but may be included with the cost of the class depending on the special for that event.

These classes only last 1 hour at most. The cost includes all art materials, instruction, as well as travel and setup up to 50 minutes away from downtown Spokane*. The kids will get pre-sketched lines to ease the process of spatial accuracy and get to focus more on the pure painting aspect of the class. In addition, we also offer fun theme parties for the kids! With an additional fee for all people in the party, your kids can paint as a pirate, princess, superhero, or as a French artist.

Theme Party Add-On  
Pirate Eye patches, pirate hats
Princess Tiaras, necklaces
Superhero Eye masks, capes
Classic French Berets, mustaches
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